Bowl full of lamb and tomato stew

Karahi Lamb (Karahi Gosht)

Karahi lamb, like my Karahi Chicken recipe, are stews partially named for the pot they’re cooked in ~ a karahi (or kadai) (link) ~ which is something between a wok and a dutch oven or chef’s pot. There are probably…

Meat and vegetable soup

Afghan Showra-E-Tarkari (Meat and Vegetable Soup)

So, “shorwa” is “soup” in Pashto. In other Arabic regions, shorba, sharba, chorba, etc. “Takari” more or less means “greens”, but contextually vegetables.  And this one has a little bit of everything, with a hearty feel that doesn’t sit too…

Joojeh Kabob as a wrap

Joojeh Kabobs (Persian Chicken Saffron Kabobs)

These kabobs are super simple, but I know a lot of people are put off by the saffron because it’s so expensive. The thing is, it’s only expensive in the grocery store ~ you can find good quality cooking-grade Persian…

Doro Wat

Doro Wot (Ethiopian Spicy Chicken Stew)

This one is is definitely a labor of love. Count on 2.5-3 hours start to finish, but soooo worth it. Rich spices built up on a slightly sweet onion base in layers and layers crowned with chicken and a marinated…

chapli kabob burger on a plate

Chapli Kabob Burgers

Chapli kabobs are a popular street food in Pakistan. Disc-shaped and fried, they make for a great walk-around food.  Pomegranate seeds are usually added for a little extra zip, but they’re not 100% required to make a tasty kabob. Somewhere…

Casserole dish with noodles, sauce, and bechamel layers

Macarona Bechamel (Pasta with Bechamel)

I’ll start with the warning that this recipe serves about eight, and I’ve cut it in half versus a lot of the variations out there.  With that out of the way, here’s a nice casserole that’s like a stripped-down lasagna….

Bowl of Djibouti Skoudehkaris lamb and rice

Skoudehkaris (Djibouti Lamb and Rice)

Yay! Another one-pot meal. This one’s from Djibouti, a small country right where the Gulf of Aden meets the Red Sea. It was a French colony by treaty from 1883-1977, so there’s a fair amount of influence on the food. …